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DIY Solar System Kits – Available for Easy Mounting

DIY Solar System Kits – Available for Easy Mounting

Solar systems have been a trendy thing for quite a few years now; and many exploratory and environment-conscious homeowners are already starting to ask for DIY solar system kit. There’s definitely a lot more involved in the installation process of a solar system, and one has to identify between a right and wrong scenario for a DIY solar panel installation project.

Going solar, of course, has significant financial benefits: apart from saving a lot on your monthly electricity bill, it can also increase the market value of your overall property. DIY solar system kits at SOLARZING are easy to install for contractors as well as homeowners. They come with panels, mounting hardware and grid-tie inverters and are custom-made to your individual energy needs and home’s exclusive specifications.

Kit Choices

Roof mount solar system kit

  • Most homeowners prefer roof mount DIY solar system kit to other choices. All you need is a racking system (which is included in our kit) to install on your roof and secure the panels in their respective places.

Ground mount DIY solar system kit

Ground mount DIY solar system kit can be a little hefty and they need unused land for mounting purpose. Ground mount DIY solar system kits are highly-efficient as well as cost-effective for homes with optimal sun exposure and south-facing roofs.

SOLARZING DIY solar system kits include:

  • Solar panels
  • IronRidge Racking
  • Inverters
  • Monitoring system
  • Battery backup
  • Plan set and interconnection service (optional)


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  • Premier
  • Fuzion
  • jFani