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There is no better time than today to consider transitioning your home, business, or vehicle to cleaner, renewable energy sources. And the team at SOLARZING is here to make your transition an easy and seamless one. We are a solar energy company in Mesquite, Nevada, that offers general solar services, including solar panel installation, solar battery storage, and EV charger storage. We also offer DIY solar kits for those who have the means to install a solar system themselves. Living in the sunny southwest offers many perks, and one of the greatest is the opportunity to collect all that sunlight and use it to power our lives. 

Our Mesquite solar panel installation company was founded in response to the rising cost of energy and solar system installations. We offer affordable solutions that never compromise quality. We want to make sure our Nevada and Utah customers have access to the best solar products and fully understand all the benefits offered by this clean, renewable source of energy. For EV owners, we make owning your vehicle more convenient and affordable with EV charging station installation. 

To learn more about our services, contact SOLARZING today to request a consultation. We also speak Spanish, French, Chinese, and Tagalog.

We’re Here to Guide You

Understanding solar panel systems, battery storage, and EV chargers can be a bit confusing. Our Mesquite solar energy company always puts our customers first, and that means making sure they are fully informed about our services. If you are new to solar or EVs, there is a lot to learn. We are passionate about these topics and love educating our customers and helping them find the best solution for their lives.

Here are some benefits of switching to solar energy:

  • Reduces your reliance on the grid
  • Increases your property value
  • Provides clean, renewable energy
  • Qualifies for tax breaks and cash incentives

SOLARZING offers both hybrid and off-grid solar systems. Though many customers may want to fully break free from the grid, there are a few benefits to taking a hybrid approach. With a hybrid system, you’ll never find yourself without power, as you’ll have access to the grid if or when you need it. The best way to understand all your options is to schedule a consultation with our team. We are trusted by dozens of businesses in the surrounding areas, and we are excited to show you why. 

We offer same-day appointments and convenient payment options. Give us a call today at (435) 228-7575.


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