• Frequently Asked Questions

    • How long does it take for a typical installation to take place from the time I pay and it is installed and turned on?

      This can take 2 weeks to 3 months depending on complexity of installation, parts availability and backlog of permit in your local jurisdiction.

    • What is unique about Solarzing?

      We started with the customer in mind and are trying to ensure that you get the best return on your investment, don't get charged too much, and that you have a system that has the quality that will last for 25+ year. We also have some special staff that has some unique experience in engineering, RF, Internet, construction, roofing, and other key experience to making sure a successful installation is performed.

    • Where is the best place to review Solar Electrical Rules?

      We would have you reference the NEC 690.x section and still reference other important sections of the NFPA and NEC 2017 Code Book. There are easier methods to verify that you are code compliant and that includes talking to your local jurisdiction authority.

    • Can I get kits for commerical use?

      Yes, We can provide special kits for commercial use that can use ground mount hardware, non-penetrating hardware, and 30kW multi-connected inverters.

    • What is a Solar DIY Kit?

      A Solar DIY Kit is a solution for you to buy all the major parts that you need including a other parts and services that you wouldn't think of getting such as a installation plan and permit document, MC4 Tool, and disconnect. Items that are typically in a kit, include the solar modules, micro-inverters, mounting hardware, junction box, clamps, clips, cable management, end clamps, splice connector, and labels.

    • How do I find out how much power I'm using?

      You can reference your energy bill usage or take all your appliances and look at the sticker and calculate the amount of power it may use by multiplying the voltage by the current (amps). Another method is to get a Sense from us and have us do an energy audit and monitor your usage and get a more accurate power usage for your situation.