Solar with Energy Storage Systems

Solar systems with energy storage are becoming more practical and user-friendly.  We have installed many solar systems this year that included energy storage systems from Tesla, LG Chem, SolarEdge, Enphase, Sol-Ark, Atlas, and Generic LIFEPO4 battery systems. The options are growing and the price to get them installed is becoming more affordable.  

  A few examples of the systems that we have installed with energy storage systems are listed below with a close estimate of what was charged to the customer to get these systems installed.  We recently installed an Atlas System with four lithium 12-volt batteries in series to get them up to 48 volts with eight 420-watt modules for $12,480.  After-tax incentives, then the total cost to the owner is expected to be very close to $8,000.  We also just recently installed an off-grid system in Kolob Reservoir, that included an Atlas Powerwall 10 kWh Lithium battery energy storage system for less than $10,000. The system we installed included a 6,000-watt inverter and a couple of solar panels on the roof. After energy incentives then this system will cost the owner close to $6,500.

 The last good example of what we just recently installed is a system where the customer was building a new 6000 sq. ft. house and wanted to be off-grid but have the option to pull power from the grid in the future.  We installed two 12,000 watt hybrid inverters and two 15,000 watt-hour lithium energy storage battery systems with 50 solar modules on a ground mount for close to $59,000.  This system after-tax incentives will cost the owner close to $41,000.

 A few Tesla Powerwall + models are coming out soon that will further improve the options to have a hybrid solar system with very intelligent lithium energy storage systems. We don't have exact pricing on this entire setup but expect the price to be around and even less than the systems we currently install.

Call us to get a proposal and we will do our best to give you the best options for your situation and budget.